Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blog reaction exchange

The intention of tagged train or exchange link is to increase your Technorati rating as well as your Google PR and other search engines. That's why every blogger need to exchange link with others blog.

On my review a view month ago, Most bloggers I know have great trouble exchanging links with other blogs, this is also happened with me. So I Just developed this strategy and this strategy called "Blog reaction exchange". It's simple to set up and in theory will work extremely well (if you do as well the blog reaction will shown soon, and the link post will shown under "link to this post" in your joining content), so must leave comment and leave your content posted address once you joined. We need that participants visit yours and leave comment on your joining post.

The rule:

  • Tell on your posted, you are invited by whom and make a little bit about his/her blog as introduce, but remember, make the link point to the content, not to home site(i.e: I was invited by: Beyond Technology etc..etc...) see the link:

  • Make tag that you think would like to participate. Write a little bit about your friends blog.(for example:My tag - Only GOD keeps me going. This is talking about etc..etc, Or Why you invite him/her and tell a little bit about your friend blog, whatever belong to their blog

  • Every your new blog reaction from this train must visit and leave comment in related content

  • Please do not copy and paste about this post, you have to rewrite and make something different. As my review, when Google detect duplicate post it will be impact to our page rank.

  • Make your rule, but point 1,2,4 must included, because this is my rule abut blog friends promotion or just follow my rule but remember point 4
So, now this is my promotion blog, to make their blog reaction:
  • [B][E][A][U][T][I][F][U][L]
    This is a blog who love shopping, a lot of interested things on her blog. She is very welcome to the visitor, especially who leave comment. Check it now..!

  • Nastasshea
    This is about her fairy tale, Something fun on her blog, her posted is unpredictable. That's why i often visit her blog. Visit now and you can found a different out there.

  • Wildheart's Work...
    Her name is Joe Cheray, She is the owner and manager of Kansans and Friends In Weight Loss. This is her miscellanious creative works blog. She just tagged me with anothers train.

  • C e l l T e c h H u b . . .
    This blog covers a wide range of topics - from 2G/3G network insights to value added service implementation in cellular systems,from SS7 signaling basics to the most recent 3G mobile phone reviews

  • Bajaenergy / Energy BLOG
    It is an Energy Data Warehouse, you can find news, stats, reports, interviews, videos, etc .. all update to students, companies, universities, whatever who likes to know more about energy sector.

  • A Nice Place In The Sun
    She is a children's writer working on the publication of two easy readers! While researching agents, books, publishers, and writing. She decided to start a blog for parents about children's books, with articles of interest to parents, and book reviews. So visit her..!

  • Cafe Noche - by Miss Nice
    She is my new friend and members in my MyBlogLog community. The 1st thing that I remember from her is the description of her blog "Whatever matters to me gets put up on my blog". I Like the posted about Dubai, nice place for vacation.

  • Free Books Yaro Starak - By Jennie VW
    This Blog all material from E-Book Yaro Starak. Tips for Blogger to earn Money. She has a tips to earn money on blog. Why you blog?, what is your Goal? and how to make money online?. This is the content you can found out there. Even her blog just started, i like to shared and get blog succeed with her. Do you?

  • I Love Tangerine! - By Sleeping Princes
    She is a twisted little loony in a whirl of confusion. The descriptions of this blog is "Of all the pain, the greatest pain is to love, but to love in vain" This is her another blog, Her permanent blog is : Sleeping Princess, so want to know her site?

  • Odlum Online - Web Page Design For Everyone - By Andrew Odlum
    Odlum Online is devoted to exploring the internet and explaining all of the elements of web page design in an easy to understand way. Come learn along with him as he will try to make web page design accessible to everyone.

  • Love Forever
    FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, THESE THREE, BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE. WHAT IS THAT LOVE TRUTHFULLY? PLEASE CLICK AND READ "LOVE" IN BLOG ARCHIVE. Thank's...! "This Blog contain about love and some module study about problem of which can assist others as one of the forming of love.

  • Il protagonista
    This is about personal Blog

  • Flexible life
    Life is easy. Handle it with care. Never Surrender!

    • Note: If you are not in above list, you can participate also, just leave comment and i will check your site asap, once i review about your site added you to the list.

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