Saturday, May 19, 2007

BIOS signal error message

PC is not response once you turn on and got "Beep" sound. Don't panic.

How to construe the beep signal message from the PC.

1Beep:RAM damaged or unplugged correctly
6Beep:Gate A20 error - Keyboard unplugged or damaged
8Beep:Card Graphic damaged or unplugged correctly
11Beep:Checksum-Error, check CMOS Battery on motherboard

1Long beep:RAM problem, plug RAM correctly
1Long beep + 2short beep: Graphic card problem
1Long beep + 3short beep: Keyboard problem (Version 4.5 above this signal means graphic card problem)
un-break beep: RAM or graphic card not found

1beep+1beep+4beep: BIOS damaged
1beep+2beep+1beep: Motherboard problem or damaged
1beep+3beep+1beep: RAM problem, check RAM position
3beep+1beep+1beep: Motherboard problem or damaged
3beep+3beep+4beep: Graphic card problem or unplugged.

Now you know the BIOS signal, keep it for easy to find and solved your PC problem.


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