Wednesday, May 2, 2007

SMTP Investigation for Telkom adsl connection

Investigate SMTP Connection for TELKOM ADSL :

Below is a FAQ to investigate SMTP Relay, Follow this step to do smtp investigation:

1. Run test nslookup to the smtp telkom server :

IP not found from, check your DNS number, don’t know your DNS number ? You can asked what’s the DNS number for your telkom connection to astinet customer service (147).

2. Run ping to smtp server :

When your ping results is RTO (Request Time Out), that’s means your computer/network is unconnected with telkom server. You have to checked your adsl connection or adsl modem indicator. ADSL indicator lamps is blink that’s mean no adsl signal to your modem or cannot login.

3. Tracert into smtp server :

Tracert result display is indicated server found.

4. Test send email via telnet :

Sending email via telnet, used for tested into smtp server. Do this test if sending mail via Outlook express failed.

Above picture is a Linux testing result, for the process step you can do via cmd (command prompt) windows, but the words that you type is disappear.

If you see the above picture result, that’s means sending email via telnet is successful, but send mail using Outlook Express almost failed, Had to checked your Outlook express software.

If all step had been done, but cannot send mail, check from your server side :

1. Are your server using Firewall ?
2. Check your ADSL configuration, do not block smtp (25 port)
3. Do you have anothers application problem with your server ?, example : wingate ?

Note for wingate had special configuration for SMTP mail server, check your wingate configuration.

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